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Club Championships & The George Goodwin Trophy Race - Bring On October

It's a big month of racing in October.

Graded Club Champioships (A, B, C, D, E, Ladies) Postponed until October 20, 2012

George Goodwin Trophy Race (56 km) October 13, 2012

Open Club Championships (Mass start) Postphoned until ?????

Sunday September 2, 2012

Congratulations to Travis Lindhe, the 2012 Riverina Time Trial Champion.

Travis Lindhe

Saturday September 1, 2012

Saturday's club race has been marred by Mick Carmelotti being hit by a semi trailor. Mick has been taken by ambulance to Shepparton hospital with hip, back and leg injuries. His bike is a write-off. Russell Whitby who was following also came down suffering arm injuries and was taken away by ambulance. Not sure but I think also to Shepparton. Thankfully neither have suffered life threatening injuries. I was 3rd wheel and somhow ran over their bikes and only fell off at low speed in the long grass. The truck failed to stop after hitting him and nearly hit cyclists in 2 other groups. Thankfully a following car chased after the truck and got a registration number. Thank you to all the police, ambulance and others who stopped to help us in our time of need. Our sympathies and best wishes go out to to families of Russell and Mick. Hope to see a speedy recovery from both of them.


Club Summer Championships

Graded Club Championships (A grade, B, C, etc) were on April 21. A grade still to happen.

B-Grade Tahn Dermpster, C-Grade Matt Peterson, D-Grade Frank Willett, Ladies Kay Rennick.

Open Club Championships (all in mass start) will be on May 5.

December 11, 2011 Racing Up and Away with Travis Lindhe Club Champion

We are back racing and straight into it opening with the Open Club Championships.

1st Travis Lindhe

2nd Sam Ward

3rd Andrew Doyle

"I'm A Cyclist"


November 22, 2011 Race Permit On The Way

Our race permit is at the final stages of being approved. Hopefully any day now word will come through that we can start racing again. Stay tuned.

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